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Rates & Policies


Dance tuition is based on an 10-month fee, not weekly. You can view our current Tuition Chart here.

Elite Dance Academy utilizes a monthly Auto-Draft program, and all account balances will be auto-drafted on the 1st of each month. If you would like to pay by check or cash, payments must be made BEFORE the 1st of the month or the card on file will be charged.

Tuition is not pro-rated for months with Holiday Breaks, as EDA takes the annual tuition amount and breaks it into 10 equal payments for your convenience. The last tuition payment will be charged on June 1st.

Each family will be charged a non-refundable $40 registration fee.

All accounts must have a Credit or Debit card on file. This card will be used for automatic withdrawal on the 1st of each month, or you can pay via cash, check or Visa/Mastercard/Discover by the last day of the month before. If the card on file is not in working order, your account will be charged a $25 late fee and classes will be suspended until the card has been updated and payment is made.

If you would like to pay by check or cash, payments must be made BEFORE the 1st of the month or the card on file will be charged.

All Fall Class students will be responsible for purchasing 1 Showcase costume per class enrolled. Costume payments will be due in two payments: Half on November 1st, and the second half on November 1st.

Costume Fees
Petite Elite - $80
Youth Combo - $90
Teen/Elite Levels - $100
Solo and Variation - will be priced separately.

Performance Fees
All students will pay a $130 recital performance fee, which is due January 1st. The fee includes 2 tickets and a recital t-shirt.


Placement and leveling decisions are derived from many years of teaching expertise. At EDA, we offer full class curriculum and skill sheets for all Elite levels; students are evaluated upon exiting each class. Placement is highly individual, and not all dancers will progress at the same rate. If you have questions or concerns your dancer's class placement, please schedule an appointment with the dance director.

Parents must pick up their children immediately after class. EDA is not responsible for children left alone after class. Parents are requested to pick up children under 12 inside the studio; at no time are students permitted to wait for pick up outside.

Parents who are more than 5 minutes late for pick-up will incur a $1 per minute late pick-up fee that will be charged immediately to the credit card on file.

At EDA, we want our families involved in all progress and daily happenings at our school. We offer Closed Circuit Television of all classrooms that will be broadcast in the comfort of the lobby. Dancers are encouraged to use the “dancer's den” for homework and snacks. Cubbies are also available for easy and accessible storage of dance bags and shoes.

Families will be notified in advance of any scheduled Holiday breaks. A current schedule can be found on our website's Studio Calendar page. In the event of class cancellations due to weather or teacher unavailability, the studio will make notifications via email, Facebook, and/or by phone.

If Elite Dance Academy is forced to close due to a state-of-emergency, EDA will utilize e-learning for dancers to be able to participate in a remote class.

Classes are closed to visitors, as we believe students learn more without in-classroom distractions. Each classroom is equipped with a viewing window for easy access to watch your child dance, however, teachers reserve the right to close the view window curtains if they observe a class-wide attention problem.

Good attendance is critical in learning the art of dance. Please try to be present for every class. A minimum attendance standard is required at EDA. Any student missing more than 1 class per month is subject to re-casting, removal from choreography, and/or demotion to a lower class level. Any student missing more than 4 classes between February and June may be removed from sections of Showcase choreography per the teacher's discretion. Four (4) class tardies = One (1) class absence. Please do not bring your dancer to class sick! All absences due to illness are excused.

COVID-19 Addendum
Please do not bring your dancer to class sick - even with a cold! Dancers who have had known COVID-19 exposure will be required to dance virtually from home for 14 days. EDA will be monitoring our local school systems, and any dancer to attends a school that has an outbreak will also be required to dance virtually for 14 days.

Any student missing a class is able to make-up their absence in any other class of the same dance form; no refunds or credits will be given for classes missed. Elite level dancers are required to make-up any classes missed. Please contact the front desk to schedule an appropriate make-up class time. If EDA must close for inclement weather, state of emergency, teacher sick-day, etc, dancers have the entire season to make-up class hours missed. EDA does not credit or refund tuition for missed or canceled classes.

All class withdrawals must be submitted in writing by the 15th of the month previous. Any withdrawal notice received after the 15th will be charged for the next month's tuition.

We do not refund tuition or costume/recital payments under any circumstance! This includes semi-annual and annual payments. We also do not refund or credit for classes missed by the student if the studio was open and available for class. Please see the class Make-up policy above.

All students at EDA are expected to demonstrate good behavior, integrity, and consideration for themselves and others at all times. Any student not following these guidelines will be subject to disciplinary actions, and a parent conference will be scheduled. The studio reserves the right to dismiss any student that shows inappropriate behavior, or upsets the harmony of the classroom and school.

EDA is committed to providing a safe, caring and respectful environment for all students and strictly enforces a prohibition against bullying, including cyber bullying. Bullying can take many forms and can occur in any setting. Bullying can include, but is not limited to, name calling or threatening, social alienation, spreading rumors and physical aggression. Any student who is demonstrating any types of bully behavior will be immediately asked to leave the school.

All students and parents are requested to be familiar with our Studio Handbook, which contains all of our studio Rules and Policies in detail. You can download and print a copy of our current handbook here.

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